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Alberto Consegal García

Barcelona, 1960
Specialized in Structures and Construction at the Barcelona School of Architecture. After more than ten years of joint collaboration, he encouraged the creation of MxC Arquitectos company, seeking excellence in the formalization of all production processes.

Francisco Monsó de Prat

Barcelona, 1960

He completed his Architecture studies at the Barcelona School of Architecture in 1986. In 1993 he obtained a PhD entitled Knowledge and Invention from the Polytechnic University of Barcelona. It is the broad and complex vision of the creative process that he maintains as his hallmarks within the MxC Arquitectos studio.

MxC Arquitectos

The studio was founded after an uninterrupted collaboration of more than 10 years between Alberto Consegal and Francisco Monsó, colleagues since 1980 at the School of Architecture of Barcelona, with the aim of establishing a common and recognisable vision in the design aesthetics and approach of their projects. 

The philosophy of the studio is the pursuit of the creation of a suitable and profitable space for each project, taking into account the context and environment where it’s developed, and making all the processes of the project and its execution part of an elegant vision when resolved.