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Augusta Padel Club

Club House Building, eleven padel courts and urbanization of the plot.

The project contemplates the construction of eleven padel courts, and a clubhouse-like building in which two volumes are distinguished, one in which a bar/restaurant with its kitchen and auxiliary premises is located, and another in which the men’s and women’s changing rooms, an administration office, the shop, the reception and a technical room are distributed. All the courts are competition level with glazed walls, with the central court having fixed public viewing stands.

Four of the courts have been fitted with a light metal cover.

The Club House and the courts compliment each other, not only because they are arranged along the same compositional axis, but also because both are made up of light construction systems – steel, glass and sheet metal.

In the free space outside the building, vegetation has been planted – following xeriscaping criteria – combining indigenous aromatic plants arranged as a meadow with trees and shrubs that define living areas, as well as visual axes of interest.