Automotive Insurance Office Headquarters

Mapfre’s combined office and workshop building.

Taking advantage of the location of the corner plot, the vehicle appraisal system is arranged in such a way that this activity faces Botánica Street. This face has the main vehicular access movements, while exits also take place along the side street. Access to the office floors is through the other street, from a porch that reaches the corner, thus freeing the main façade for the activity on the ground floor. The offices of the ground floors are developed in two parallel arms or bodies separated by the patio, allowing the correct lighting of its entire surface. This open illuminated patio is delimited by the two arms, by the communications nucleus and by a covered external staircase located at the other end. The northwest and southeast façades have been resolved with vertical slats that are arranged according to a harmonic rhythm, give the facade a volumetric and natural appearance. In the rest of the façades, protection from the sun is solved with horizontal eaves that protrude from the window frames themselves, defining opaque and glazed stripes.