Housing in the Mar Palamós Promenade

Set of 62 apartments facing the sea.

With Jordi Azorín.

The building is located on a historical industrial plot in Palamós in a privileged position facing the bay of Palamós.

The set is made up of two buildings differentiated by their size and location. The main building, with 6 floors, is developed along the entire length of the seafront, exhibiting glazed balconies in a zigzagging set of inclined planes. A longitudinal vestibule allows access to the four communication nuclei between the street, the housing and the two basement levels.

The building facing the back street is developed on two different levels, one of three heights and the other a single ground floor. The three-rise building has independent access from the back street, just like the single-storey housing. This rear body has a more solid dark brickwork finish, formally contrasting with the main building of the promenade.