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Ibis & Ibis Budget Lleida

Hotel complex in Lleida.

The building is a set of two hotels, a 76-room IBIS hotel, and an 80-room IBIS BUDGET hotel. In the basement there is a meeting room and parking. The surface not occupied by the building on the ground floor is intended for use both for outdoor parking and for landscaped spaces of more than 500 m2.

The project proposes a unitary composition of the façades of the two hotels but differentiated from each other by the different color of the brick. The windows corresponding to the rooms of the two hotels are different, but when grouped into sets of four, gaps of much larger proportions are formed in which these initial differences are diluted. The vertical communication nuclei are grouped together in the meeting of the two wings of the L-shape that the building draws on the floor. The access, reception and administration cores of the two hotels are also located at this same point, allowing and facilitating possible connections between the two.