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Norte Golf Course Casa Club

Casa Club of Port Aventura’s Norte Golf Course is a club house belonging to a golf course designed by Greg Norman, located in the area of the Vila-seca and Salou marsh lands.

The Club House is developed in a V-shaped ground floor building that embraces the views and faces towards the countryside at the beginning and end of its form. The building acts as a dike between a domesticated and adapted rear area where there is access, parking and the artificial lake; and the golf course with its marshes in a natural and idyllic setting that looks out to sea.

The access – which is enhanced by the emptying of the undercover – occurs at the vertex where the two arms of the building meet. The two bodies, which are articulated by the same gable roof, also respond to clearly differentiated programs of a golf club house such as the social headquarters with its lounges and changing rooms, and the storage and services area for the caddy master.