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House in Sarria

Single-family home and studio in a terraced house.

This building consists of a single-family house, a professional studio and a private parking. It is located on a pedestrian and little-travelled street in the Sarría neighborhood of Barcelona. The back of the building overlooks a large private green area and a public park.

The main façade of the building is developed with a classic composition reinterpreted on three levels: a first level or glazed basement protected with a latticework of wooden slats that separates the ground floor with the more solid treatment that the inox-framed travertine cutting gives it in a ratio of gaps and hollows of 5 to 4. The third level or finish of this façade is a virtual level that confers the emptiness of the terrace on the street topped by an inclined plane. The exploded lines of the different levels of the facade are also adapted to the levels and compositional lines of the adjacent façades.

The house, on the ground floor, provides the living spaces (living room, dining room and kitchen) in a fluid and open way, while the exclusive spaces of bedrooms and studios on the first floor are clearly arranged and compartmentalized. An open space redefines access to the upper terraces.

The studio, with differentiated access from the street, is also integrated into the same composition of the facade. It is developed on the ground floor and basement through a large double space that connects them.