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P.84 House

Detached house on a plot of urbanization on the Empordà golf course.

The house is developed on a single floor, located at the edge of the plot, leaving free a large south-facing garden where a swimming pool is also located. The building is formed by twinning two bodies, differentiated in height and materials. The higher body has concrete walls, and the lower one has a plastered exterior finish where the private spaces of its four bedrooms and bathrooms are arranged.

The concrete body is advanced to the living room with a sloping plane that sets up a framed porch protected from the wind that faces the pool terrace and the garden. The materials that define the interiors are few and bright: white painted walls, white lacquered carpentry and light gray porcelain flooring.

By means of small changes in height of false ceilings and by curtains with indirect lights, it is possible to generate spatial wealth in the design of this house.