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Rosellón Housing

Comprehensive reform of a building with 12 dwellings in the Barcelona extension.

This building, from the year 1899, with various extensions throughout the first half of the 20th century, required a comprehensive reform to adapt it to the infrastructure and functional program of housing of our time.

The project calls for the demolition of the added volumes that were not part of the initial spirit of the design. To this enormous effort to renounce buildability, a recomposition of the façade of the block courtyard must be added, giving it an aspect in keeping with the historical value of the building and its surroundings.

The reconversion of the dwellings is designed to provide them with well-lit and ventilated rooms on the façade. This is achieved by replacing the original model of elongated long-corridored flats with many small rooms and poor living conditions, to a smaller number of them, and giving dwellings contrasting facades.

This restructuring requires both structural consolidation and interior spatial redefinition, which incorporates technical requirements of facilities, to be integrated with the historical heritage set of design and finishes.