Soler-Roig Clinic Housing

Building of 7 dwellings in a former private clinic.

With Enric Mir and Carlos Ferrater.

The free-standing building of the former Soler-Roig clinic was a reference building of Barcelona life from the 60s to the 80s, both for being a leader in the medical field of traumatology, as well as for being a significant work of the renowned architect Francesc Mitjans.

The transformation of the building to its new use was of great constructive complexity given that the restructuring of the spaces was difficult to combine with the spatial rigidity of the radial system of the original load walls.

The semi-basement floor, where the nurse nuns lived, and the ground floor, where the offices and operating rooms were located, were transformed into 3 duplex apartments with private gardens. The other two upper floors were transformed into 4 other apartments, the two upper apartments being duplexes with terraces.

The imposing curved façade is enhanced by a warped curtain wall that rearranges the lower part of the building, replacing the multitude of different overtures that responded to a disappeared functionality. The building reinforces, with this intervention and with a cantilever on the roof of the duplexes, the volumetry that was the original idea of ​​the project.